Weekly Meal Planning – Week of 10/22/12

by ThePrudentPatron on October 22, 2012


Last week’s meal plan was  a bit of a bust. I started out strong, but I had an unexpected procedure done on my foot on Thursday that made it very hard for me to stand and cook for my family. We ended up having a lot of take-out Thursday – Sunday. I am bit lost on what to do this week since this procedure interrupted my weekly shopping too. Since I’m not quite on my feet again,I think I will opt for easy meals I already know how to make this week.

Here’s This Week’s Meal Plan:

Monday – Almond Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli (We never got to this one last week.)

Tuesday – Rotisserie Chicken and Green Beans (I plan to hit Costco tomorrow, so I’ll snag one of their cheap chickens.)

Wednesday - Salmon with Cherry Tomato Salsa and Asparagus  (Another one we never got to last week.)

Thursday – Sundried Tomato Basil Turkey Meatballs (This was big hit last week, but I think I will try making them with ground turkey this week.)

Friday – Butternut Squash Soup

Saturday - Apple Chicken Sausage Stir-fry

Sunday- Leftovers

*Double batch to store in freezer 

Want to learn more about meal planning? Read How to Save Money with Meal Planning

What are you making for dinner this week? Please share your plan in the comments.

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