McDonald’s to Start Menu Board Labeling Nationwide!

by ThePrudentPatron on September 12, 2012


McDonald’s President Jan Fields, along with Dr. Cindy Goody and Greg Watson, unveiled today that McDonald’s will begin menu board labeling nationwide! Customers will be able to see the calorie information for each of their menu items at both the counter and drive-thru.

We should start seeing similar changes in most chain restaurants soon. Recent legislation now requires restaurants with 20 or more outlets to list calories and other nutrition information on menus and menu boards.

McDonald’s also announced:

• The McWrap – a McD’s Europe inspired wrap starting at 350 calories with fresh cucumbers and quality chicken.
•An Egg McMuffin with all egg-whites on a English Muffin made with whole grain.
•More seasonal fruits
•Additional produce side options and grilled, reduced sodium chicken choices for Happy Meals.
•And their first-ever Nutrition Progress Report, showcasing the advancements that  they’ve made in support of our nutrition announcements.

What do think of this new change? Do you think having the calories listed on the menu board will change your order at McDonald’s?

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