Is This What 40 Feels Like?

by ThePrudentPatron on October 2, 2012


My 20′s…when flying through the air upside down sounded like good times.

When you’re in your 20′s you can stay up until 2 in the morning dancing, chatting or studying, and still bound out of bed in the morning. The only consequences are a few extra yawns during the course of your day.

When you’re just two days before your 40th birthday and stay up to 2 am lying in bed wishing you were sleeping, you pay for it all day long. There is a tangible haze around your brain. All your work takes twice as long and is full of errors.

Have you ever felt like if you shook your head with enough vigor the cobwebs in your brain might clear? Maybe I need to go on this roller coaster again and see if that helps.

So in case you’re wondering, this is the reason you heard nary a word from me today.

~ Brittany

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Nancy Henderson Lundy via Facebook October 2, 2012 at 5:41 PM

Happy b-day! Wish I could say the brain fog gets better, but…


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