How to Avoid a Smash and Grab: Tips for Moms

by ThePrudentPatron on March 26, 2011



In these difficult economic times, we are working hard for our money and even harder to hold on to it, so don’t make it easy for thieves to take it away from you.

I just spent the last half of my son’s baseball game consoling a mom whose car window was smashed and her purse stolen. This all happened in broad daylight at a crowded park. She was parked right next to the ball field. We could actually see her car from the bleachers!

So why did this happen? This mom did what nearly every woman has done at one time or another, she left her purse in the car.  She had her hands full with her son’s baseball gear, so she tucked her purse out of site. For as long as I have been carrying a purse, I was always told to hide it if I was going to leave it in the car. Most smash and grabs are crimes of opportunity. They see your purse, wallet, laptop bag, backpack or small electronics sitting in the car so they grab it. But this mom’s purse was hidden, so she thought she was safe.

Unfortunately, the criminals have gotten a bit savvier, they know that moms tend to leave their purses in the car. They also know you likely won’t be coming back for the duration of the baseball game, swim lesson, school play, etc… They are often watching you exit your vehicle and see right where you hid your purse. Even if you hide your bag ahead of time, some thieves will smash a car simply because they see a mom get out of it without her purse.

The police officer who came to the crime scene today had this advice for us: Never leave anything of value (or of perceived value) in your car. In addition, when you are leaving your car in a place moms tend to frequent like sporting events, lessons, school activities, preschool and church, always bring a purse with you. Even if you don’t need a purse, throw a snack in an empty purse and take it into the event. Let whomever may be watching, see you bring your purse with you.

Please don’t think you are safe because you live a “good neighborhood.” We live in a very nice area, but crime happens everywhere.

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