Extreme Couponing Guide: Where to Find Coupons

by ThePrudentPatron on October 5, 2011


I have read several recent news reports of people being arrested for stealing coupons. We’ve even seen people rooting through dumpsters to get coupons. While these make for great television, it is not necessary to go to these extreme measures to save money.

Where is the best place to find coupons?

The best resource for coupons is still the newspaper. A good rule of thumb is to have at least as many papers as you have household members.  We are a family of four so I always strive to get four newspaper inserts. However, I only purchase one. We are fortunate to have two local, free papers that also give inserts and I receive 1-3 inserts a week from family. Family and friends who don’t coupon can be a great free resource!

If you have to purchase all of your papers, be sure to look for a good deal.  Start at Discounted Newspapers. They have some of the best prices. Also call your local paper to see if they will give you a deal on multiple subscriptions.

Where else can you find coupons?

Online: New printable coupons pop-up every day on Facebook and directly from manufacturers. Keep up with these by watching the coupon posts. I alert you to the best coupons as they become available. All of these coupons are also listed in our coupon database. If you need a coupon for a specific product, just search the product in the database and it will list every available coupon for you!

The following sites are also reliable sources for printable coupons :

Red Plum
Smart Source
Coupon Network

Electronic Coupons (eCoupons): These are also becoming very popular with shoppers and stores. These coupons are loaded to your store loyalty cards. You can find eCoupons at:

PG eSaver
Short Cuts
Soft Coin (Kroger and its affiliates)

Smart Phone Coupons - Ibotta has coupons that can stack with your store and your manufacturer coupons for triple savings. Sign up here or read How to Earn Money with Ibotta to learn more.

Magazines: There are coupons in most magazines whose target audience is women. The absolute best magazine for coupons is All You . It is sold in the checkout lane of Walmart, but it is far cheaper if you get a subscription. The coupons in All You are high value and more than pay for the cost of the magazine.

Other Coupon Sources:

The following are additional places to find coupons, but these sources are less reliable:

Blinkies, Tearpads and Peelies: These coupons are found in the store.

  • Blinkies are those little machines located next to the product. They distribute manufacturer coupons.
  • Tearpads are also found next to the product and are usually manufacturer coupons.
  • Peelies are the coupons that are stuck to the box. They are usually manufacturer coupons.

In the Mail: Don’t just toss that junk mail. I often find coupons for Target in my mail, and many regions receive Red Plum inserts in their mail.

Manufacturers: Many people write to manufacturers to request coupons. I find this very time consuming, but many manufacturers will send you high-value (sometimes even full-value) coupons if you email them.  If you’d like to give this a try, write a sincere letter to a company that makes a product you enjoy. You never know you may receive a coupon surprise in the mail.

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