Amazon Lightning Deals: How to Win at the Waitlist!

by ThePrudentPatron on November 27, 2010



You may have noticed that Amazon has installed a new feature to their Lightning Deals…the waitlist button. Apparently many people who click the Lightning Deals don’t actually follow through with their purchase, so after 15 minutes if the item is not purchased it goes to someone on the wait list.

I had my first encounter with the waitlist last night. I waited most of the day for the Star Wars Lego deal to pop. I was hoping for a LEGO Kids’ Star Wars Watch. They are anywhere from $25 – $30 in the store so I hoped maybe to score one for around $20. When the deal actually popped, it was a LEGO Star Wars Clock and Watch Combo Pack for only $24.99!

I clicked the deal immediately, but I didn’t even make it on the waitlist! The waitlist was greyed out. (Who knew there were so many moms clamoring for Star Wars deals at 10 PM?) Since I wasn’t quite sure how the waitlist worked and I really wanted this deal, I decided to wait out the waitlist in hopes that it would become available once again. Yes, I realize how crazy that sounds, but guess what…it worked! After 10 minutes the waitlist button became clickable again and I got on the waitlist (happy waitlist dance)!

Sadly, Amazon informed me there were more than 500 people ahead of me and my chances of scoring the deal were poor. But much like the thousands of people standing in line at Target and Best Buy yesterday, I wasn’t going to let something as silly as statistics deter me from trying to get my deal.

All my crazy stalking of this deal finally paid off when Amazon informed me I had 3 seconds to put the deal in my cart. They probably gave me more time than that, but since I was deal surfing at the time, that is how much time I had remaining when I checked back at Amazon!

Many of you saw yesterday that the Lightning Deals offer some unbeatable prices, and we will see many hot Lightning Deals over the next two weeks! So the next time you think you have missed out on that hot deal just keep your eye on that little yellow waitlist button, it may be worth the wait!

See what hot Lightning Deals are popping now!

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Chanceability January 11, 2011 at 11:54 AM

Awesome post and idea…I learn something new every day…glad you got your deal….following you from Stumble Tumble Tuesday…hope you follow back


Sara January 11, 2011 at 1:32 PM

That is good to know. I always wondered about the waitlists


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