A Word on Political Ads

by ThePrudentPatron on October 16, 2012


After doing a few searches on the proposed constitutional amendments, I’m noticing political ads on all my favorite sites, including sites that I know have political ads blocked. Living in a swing state like Florida, I am inundated with political ads on television and by phone, so I’m a bit annoyed to see these ads all over sites I know are doing their best to keep their site free of political ads.

I wanted to let you know that ThePrudentPatron.com has a block on all political ads. However, there are ways for them to get around these blocks so it is certainly possible that some are sneaking through the filter. If you happen to see a political ad on this site, please know that ThePrudentPatron.com in no way supports any political candidate, and any such ad that appears is working their way around the advertising filters.

I respect your right to your political views regardless if they agree with mine, and I hope each and everyone of you will vote in the upcoming election.


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Michelle October 16, 2012 at 7:43 PM

thank you… I’m kind of tired of them myself. I love having a site where I’m not barraged one way or the other.


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